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Beijing Economic Development Zone issued policies to support the high-quality development of high-end medical equipment intelligent manufacturing industry

On the morning of February 14, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone released the Action Plan of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to Accelerate the Construction of the Global "Intelligent Manufacturing of New Drugs" Industry Highland (2023-2025) and related industrial support policies. According to the newly released Action Plan, the scale of the bio-pharmaceutical and health industry in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone will exceed 200 billion yuan by 2025, the total number of enterprises above the designated size will exceed 120, the number of listed enterprises will exceed 30, and innovative breakthroughs will be formed in cutting-edge tracks such as intelligent manufacturing of high-end medical equipment, and more than 100 Class II and Class III medical device products will be newly declared, so as to build a global industrial highland of "intelligent manufacturing of new drugs".


With frequent policy support, China's innovative medical devices ushered in a golden opportunity period

In recent years, the global medical device industry has accelerated its iteration and updating under the influence of the COVID-19. Both the market size and product functions are innovating and changing, constantly promoting the progress of the world.


Latest clarification: cancel hospital settlement authority

The extra long payment cycle continues to affect the cost and capital turnover of enterprises, and also reflects the product price to a certain extent. In order to solve the "triangle debt", various regions are gradually accelerating the speed of direct settlement between medical insurance funds and enterprises.


The launch conference of evaluation of clinical trial institutions and the signing ceremony of data sharing agreement were held in Beijing

On February 9, 2023, the State Food and Drug Administration and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences launched the evaluation of clinical trial institutions and the signing ceremony of the data sharing agreement was held in Beijing. Zhao Junning, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the State Drug Administration, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


Do you really know about measles and measles vaccine?

Measles virus is a paramyxovirus, which is transmitted by droplets of respiratory secretions. Clinically, fever


Which vaccines should not be given to pregnant women

Vaccine refers to the vaccine-type preventive biological products used for human vaccination in order to prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases. Biological products refer to preparations prepared by microorganisms or their toxins, enzymes, human or animal serum and cells for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Six key time points for vaccination

For the vaccination of babies, mothers must be rational about the causal relationship between the vaccine and the diseases it prevents, and should never refuse or stop the vaccination, so as not to bring unpredictable hidden dangers to children's health


Vaccine Journey - How is a new vaccine developed, approved, produced and marketed?

Translated from the information map of The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine of the CDC of the United States, a map illustrates the process of a new vaccine from research and development, approval to production and marketing in detail, so that parents can understand this process clearly and eliminate doubts about the safety of the vaccine
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