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Do you really know about measles and measles vaccine?

Measles is one of the most common acute respiratory infectious diseases in children. It is highly infectious. It is easy to occur in densely populated areas without universal vaccination. It is a pandemic in 2-3 years. Measles virus is a paramyxovirus, which is transmitted by droplets of respiratory secretions. Clinically, it is characterized by fever.






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Pharynx swab test is a medical test method

Pharyngeal swab detection is a medical detection method. A small amount of secretion is dipped from the throat of the human body with a medical cotton swab, inoculated in a special culture dish, and then placed in a temperature-controlled device for culture. The patient's condition, oral mucosa and pharyngeal infection can be understood.

Medical inspection is the inspection of materials taken from human body

Medical laboratory science (MLS) is a science that carries out microbiological, immunological, biochemical, genetic, hematological, biophysical, cytological and other tests on materials from human body to provide information for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of human diseases and evaluation of human health.