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The launch conference of evaluation of clinical trial institutions and the signing ceremony of data sharing agreement were held in Beijing


In October 2020, the State Food and Drug Administration and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build the Academy of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Regulatory Sciences. The evaluation of clinical trial institutions is an important work in the field of cooperation between the two sides. The evaluation of clinical trial institutions will formulate the universal and standardized evaluation standards and rules of clinical trial institutions, explore the hierarchical management of clinical research centers in China, and build a new pattern and trend of the development of clinical trial institutions in China. Through the implementation of the evaluation work, we will comprehensively promote the improvement of the quality and level of clinical trials, ensure the supervision of drug safety and quality, and improve the drug supervision capacity.

Zhao Junning stressed that all relevant departments and units should cooperate closely, actively research and develop new scientific tools, new methods and new standards for drug regulation, help the steady development of evaluation work, promote the improvement of evaluation work, and promote the construction of China's pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem. We should adhere to serving the overall situation, benchmark the advanced level of the international drug supervision, and promote the continuous improvement of the level of clinical trial institutions by carrying out institutional evaluation in accordance with the principle of overall promotion and step-by-step implementation, so as to help the synchronous research and development, review and registration of innovative drugs. We will continue to strengthen the transformation of scientific research achievements in drug regulation, promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry at a higher level, and ensure the safety of drug use by the people.

During the meeting, the Drug Audit Center, the Verification Center and the Device Audit Center of the State Food and Drug Administration signed the evaluation data sharing agreement with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Wang Chen, President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Yao Jianhong, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Sun Xianze, Chairman of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, attended the meeting. The leaders of relevant departments and bureaus of the State Food and Drug Administration and directly affiliated units attended the meeting.



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