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There are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter. Qingdao is a coastal city with four distinct seasons, which has been praised by friends at home and abroad. In addition, Qingdao is the holy land of various exchanges. The 2018 Pesticide Forum (the 18th Shandong Provincial Pesticide Information Exchange Conference) pesticide processing technology training course was held in Qingdao. The meeting was jointly sponsored by Shandong Academy of Pesticide Sciences, Shandong Provincial Pesticide Information Center, the Pesticide Professional Committee of Shandong Chemical and Chemical Society, and Jiangsu Qingyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting was attended by the pesticide testing institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the China Pesticide Industry Association, the Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and other industry competent departments, Shandong Weifang Runfeng, Hailier Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangsu Tom, Maitu High-tech Materials Group, Akzo Nobel, Dow Chemical, Shanghai Rute, Zibo Gaokai, Shenzhen Langti, Weifang Elite, Kunshan Qiangdi, Shenzhen Mayor Yuan Jiacai Hebei Huike and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad vigorously support and help. More than 500 experts, scholars and business representatives from all over the country witnessed this exciting moment.



At the beginning of the meeting, Li Dejun, chairman of the Shandong Academy of Pesticide Sciences, delivered a welcoming speech, and expressed a warm welcome to the leaders and representatives attending the meeting. 2017 is a year of change in the pesticide industry. The speed of merger of multinational companies has accelerated, and a new pattern of industrial giants has been born. The resource advantages are more concentrated, and the strong are stronger; The implementation of the new pesticide policy and the environmental storm have increased the pressure on the environmental protection and safety of the pesticide industry. A number of scattered small enterprises will be eliminated, and the competition for survival of the fittest will intensify.



2018 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and implement the rural strategy. Under the background of zero growth in the use of pesticides, the demand side of pesticide products is also quietly changing. The development of the pesticide industry should not only focus on the increase of agricultural production and efficiency, but also on the improvement of the quality of agricultural products, actively learn and understand the spirit of new regulations and new regulations, adhere to innovation, coordination, green, open The shared new development concept solves the development problems of the pesticide industry. In this context, the forum aimed at the key, hot, focus and difficult issues of the current pesticide industry, and invited authoritative experts in the industry to interpret and interpret.





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